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Per person and night

Local tax (from 14 years of age):€ 1,50
Adults:€ 9,00
Children (0-6 years of age):€ 0,00
Children (7-13 years of age):€ 5,00

Equipment per night

Car:€ 5,00
Motorcycles and mopeds:€ 3,00
Transport trailer:€ 3,00
Tent:€ 6,00
Trailer:€ 7,00
Camper:€ 8,00
Motorhome:€ 9,00
Boat berth/day:€ 10,00

Fixed costs per night

Power (flat rate for every pitch):€ 4,00
Environmental fee:€ 1,50


Campsite visitor (adult):€ 5,00
Campsite visitor (children 0-6 years of age):€ 0,00
Campsite visitor (children 7-13 years of age):€ 2,50
Dog/night:€ 4,00
Lake pitch surcharge/night:€ 5,00
Booking fee:€ 10,00
Down payment flat rate:€ 25,00
15.00 € are credited upon claiming the pitch.

Camping club members (ÖCC and CCI) receive 10% discount at certain times when presenting a valid camping card for 2019.

We grant 20% discount on the price per person from 22 March to 26 April 2019 and from 9 September to 18 November 2019. Discounted tariffs are not included.

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